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The modern centerpiece of the historic Akaretler Row Houses. A glittering tower amidst gilded domes and minarets. Dynamic finance and chic shopping here, old city and monuments there. It's always the best of both worlds at the W Istanbul.
In the pulsating heart of the city, iconic as an international metropolis and exotic as an ancient empire, welcome to the W Istanbul, where our 134 guest rooms and specialty suites reflect the latest in modern amenities. Comfortable. Stylish. Cool. Each room comes equipped with what you need to stay connected. So revel in magnificence. Stay a while.
Wonderfull Room
You'll feel Wonderful tonight in our stylishly designed and luxuriously appointed Wonderful Room, your urban sanctuary in one of the most historical and culturally rich cities in the world. (323 square feet/30 square meters)
Spectacular Room
Your private garden, cabana or patio—is what makes your room Spectacular, and the thoughtfully appointed luxuries and amenities are what make your wishes come true. (355 square feet/33 square meters)
Fabulous Room
Make your stay absolutely Fabulous as you watch the sun set over Istanbul while relaxing on a chaise lounge from your private terrace, before retreating to indulge in the other pampering comforts of your room. (355 square feet/33 square meters)r
Mega Room
Size is everything, especially in our corner location Mega Room, filled with all the worldly pleasures you've come to love at the W, from private terrace to state-of-the-art entertainment system to luxurious bedding. (430 square feet/40 square meters)
Studio Room
We've filled this outrageously spacious loft-style suite in corner locations with all sorts of thoughtful and luxurious amenities - private balcony or day bed for two? As you wish. (538 square feet/50 square meters)
Fantastic Room
You'll be wowed by the ultimate in contemporary sophistication in the loft-style Fantastic Suite, with a spacious living room filled with fun and tech-savvy everything, a bedroom nook that's dreamily comfortable, and a bathroom that has all you'll need for life's most intimate pleasures. (592 square feet/55 square meters)
Marvelous Room
Marvel at how there's something for everyone in each one of our six loft-style Marvelous Suites, uniquely adorned with private gardens, terraces and balconies, Jacuzzi, daybeds and stairway entrances. Choose your favorite pleasures for complete indulgence and relaxation. (From 592 square feet/45 square meters)
Cool Corner Suite
From the laid-back vantage point of the chaise lounges on your two private terraces, you'll immediately see what makes this loft-style suite so special: the incredible view of the Istanbul city skyline and surrounding panoramic vistas. And all the celebrated comforts for your ultimate pleasure and convenience fill this generously proportioned sanctuary that's all about urban posh. (592 square feet/55 square meters)
WOW Suite
Welcome to WOW in this suite that's twice the size of the Cool Corner Suite, for double indulging in every thoughtful luxury and amenity that turns wishful thinking into reality. (1130 square feet/105 square meters)
Extreme WOW Suite
Daringly dreamy! So special we only have one, everything is larger than life in 1,830 square feet of pure W—an expansive two-bedroom suite with enough room to dish dinner for 10 in the dining room, a wet bar equipped to concoct any cocktail and a private terrace for spectacular views. (1830 square feet/170 square meters)
From the comforts of the cozy W Lounge and perky W Café to the epicurean adventure that is Jean-Georges Vongerichten's Spice Market, our decadent indulgences await your exploration, immersion, savoring, lingering, mingling, socializing, canoodling and celebrating.
Spice Market
A timeless paean to Southeast Asian sensuality, Jean-Georges Vongerichten's piquant elevations of the region's street cuisine is served in a stylish, casual atmosphere in the W Istanbul's signature restaurant.
The W Lounge
Where do you lounge? Enter the The W Lounge, where we've knocked down the walls of traditional lobby design to create a place where you can open your mind and feel alive while indulging in cocktail socializing.
Come lounge where big, comfy couches invite you to take a seat, have a drink, read a book or savour a snack. Why not stay, socialize and sip a while?
SPA Treatment Rooms
Who needs to unwind? Succumb to pampering R&R—rejuvenation and revitalization—at our exclusive treatment rooms, where our trained estheticians perform physical, mental and spiritual therapy with Estee Lauder products.
Our wonderful valet service WHEELS will take care of yours.
The W Lounge
Where do you lounge? Enter the The W Lounge, where we've knocked down the walls of traditional lobby design to create a place where you can open your mind and feel alive while indulging in cocktail socializing.
SWEAT Fitness Center
Work out with state-of-the-art muscle-toning weights and heart-pounding cardiovascular equipment, and if you need the extra oomph, our personal trainers will provide that little nudge in the right direction. Who says exercise can't be fun?
Whatever/Whenever Service
Whatever/Whenever (really)! Belly-dancing lessons? A private dinner cruise on the Bosphorus into the sunset? Reservations anywhere in the city? We’re on it. Just push a button on your room’s phone to reach us.
P.A.W. - Pets Are Welcome
Woof/Meow! Who loves your pet? We think the furry friend you love should travel in luxury with you.
Right here in our 83 square meters (893 square feet) of event space and private dining area, the W Istanbul features fully adaptable conference equipment that turn business pow-wows into exhilarating oh-wows. Creative in approach and innovative in design, we'll engage and energize attendees and participants of all meetings, soirees and fetes.
Suleyman Seba Cad No: 22 · Akaretler, Beşiktaş - Istanbul / Turkey