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Legacy Ottoman Hotel is formerly Hotel World Park Istanbul new luxury hotel in the oldcity. Everything started with her dream of creating a charming hotel in the mythical IV. Vakif Han. Privileged guests of the IV. Vakif Han with its glamorous interior, will enjoy an indulgent lifestyle as if they were guests of the Turkish Hospitality.
Special 172 rooms which have bigger size than the standard degree with comforts for your accommodation requirements. Suite rooms have large bathtube with jakuzzi and windowpane. The rooms have Satellite, wireless internet connection, minibar, safe box, study desk, hair dryer, bath accessories, bathrobe, house slipper, shampoo, soap, body lotion, shower jel and if you need wake up service...
Besides all of corner rooms and Suite Rooms have daylight bathroom which have windows painted by handmade. The bathrooms equipped bathtube with jakuzzi function.
Terace Restaurant, which has magnificent Bosphorus and Historical places view is Serving open buffet breakfast, lunch and dinner. You can prefer The Terrace Restaurant for your Wedding Party, Organisations and Gala Dinners which approximately capacity is 1500 people.
Health Club
Hydrotherapy Bath, Indoor Pool, Relaxing Hall,Fin Bath, Sauna, Shock Showers Bath, Change Rooms, Vitmin Bar, Doctor Room.
* Exclusive Facials;
* Lighten Up : Cleanliness, vitality and firmness for oily and combination skin
* Delicate Care : Comfort, nourishment and balance for sensitive skin
* Rain Forets : Softness, moisture and nourishment for dry skin
* Total Care : Cleansing and nourishing treatment for normal skin
* Royal Facials:
* Moist Vital : Moisture bath with aroma essences for very dry skin
* Herbal Balance : Oily skin balancer with magic herbal essences
* Rejuvenating Facial : Extreme lifting effect and treatment for wrinkles
Turkish Bath
Traditional Turkish "Kese" At the Legacy Ottoman Hotel, you will experience the authentic and traditional Turkish Hamam. Enjoy complete body relaxation and a refreshing body scrub applied by our experienced massage therapists. You will receive a foamy bath, body scrub, massage and optional body moisture in a unique Otoman style.
2 meeting rooms is instructed at the Executive Floor which capacity one by one 30 people. There is another meeting room at the lobby which capacity is 250 people for your meetings and fair organisation.
Hamidiye Cad. No.64 Eminonu, Istanbul / Turkey